Warlords: Brotherhood

Maybe the city had a name once. It disappeared along with every other memory of the way things used to be. And even though it doesn’t seem like a place much worth fighting for, the fighting rages on. Rival gangs battle for control of the city… as rival members battle for control within the gangs themselves. In this place, weapons like cunning, betrayal, and resourcefulness can be just as effective as the biggest, baddest gun. But having the biggest, baddest gun sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

Crowbar is the most feared member of the Brotherhood by every gang in the city… including his own. After a brutal gang war reveals a traitor within the Brotherhood’s ranks, Crowbar is tasked with finding out who it is. But Crowbar has secrets of his own. Secrets his mission threatens to expose. Secrets that could lead to his downfall.

With time running out, Crowbar begins to question whether he is any better than the traitor he pursues. A pursuit that leads Crowbar to realize his own salvation lies in choosing between the two things he cares most about.

Mature Readers 18+

Created by Paris Kasidokostas Latsis & Max Work
Written by Max Work
Artwork by Anthony Winn

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